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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the requirements of the Grade 2 Certificate?

Here is the breakdown of the nationally-accepted Multisport Grade 2 Kayak Certificate.

River Kayaking Theory

Fitting out a kayak.

Barrel rolls and H-assists.

River dynamics – How does water flow around obstacles and how do we use this knowledge to our advantage and safety. River features to describe include bluffs, holes, waves, keepers, eddies, vees, whirlpools, sweepers, and strainers.

River lines – Choosing where to go.

Safety equipment – Knowledge of what equipment is needed and how to use it.

Safe swimming techniques and explanation of foot entrapment and strainer danger and how to best avoid these situations.

River signals.

Hypothermia symptoms and solutions.

Throwing a throw bag and receiving a throw bag.

Stern carrying, deep water rescues, H-assists.

River Kayaking Skills

Display controlled eddy turns on both sides and both entering and exiting an eddy.

Display controlled ferry glides on both sides of the kayak.

Demonstrate kayak exit and entry techniques.

Self-rescue: Swim in a safe manner with all of your gear into an eddy and onto shore. Swims have to be started in a rapid at least 10 metres from shore and completed with an emptied kayak back on your way downriver.

Rescue by another craft: Be able to contain your equipment and be assisted by a jetboat, another kayak, or throw-bagged to shore.

Show that you can choose safe lines for yourself and your group. This needs to be both described verbally and displayed physically on the river.

Demonstrate your knowledge of, and ability to use, the following strokes/braces: Forward, Backward, Sweep, High Brace, and Low Brace.

Tie your kayak onto racks for transport in a safe and secure method.
Optional: Eskimo roll.

What happens if I don’t pass?

If you do not pass your assessment, you will need to be reassessed on the boxes you have not been able to tick. When you feel your skills have reached the appropriate level, you may book another assessment.

What happens if I do pass?

Once you have successfully passed your Grade 2 assessment you will be issued with a simple certificate stating Bob’s confidence in your Grade 2 skills, your assessor’s name and the brand and model of kayak that you passed in. You will then be able to present this to any event organisers that require proof of your kayaking skills.

What is a realistic expectation of how much time I need to spend with my instructor?

As a beginner reckon on doing a two-day Grade 2 pre-cert paddle instruction course with Bob, plus the two-day Grade 2 assessment.

If you have some experience but don’t feel confident with your kayak skills, you can book a half-day, or full-day pre-cert instruction course with Bob.

Clients who feel confident in their ability to meet the Grade 2 Certificate requirements can just book to do the two-day assessment.

Do I need my own kayak?

We thoroughly recommended that you do the assessment, or tuition, in your own kayak. You need to be signed off in a kayak similar to what you are paddling anyway and the sooner you are in your own kayak the better. You are welcome to discuss the options of what type of kayak will be suitable to buy with Bob, before you make a purchase.

Can I hire a boat from you?

We have stable Barracuda Beachcomber sea kayaks available for hire. Hire must be booked as early as possible and carries an extra charge of $25 per day.

Can I hire gear from you?

We have a range of gear that you can hire from us. This includes spray skirts, paddles, life jackets and splash jackets.  The cost will depend on how many items you require.